MAY 2022:

New band announcements:
Pre-orders are up now in our
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We have three new releases coming out summer 2022!
First up is Swedish death metal grave robbers
COFFIN CREEP. We will unleash their face melting debut album "Corpse Defiler" in June. Rotten puking death metal from the south of Sweden.
Next up is Swedish regurgitating, pig slamming gore grinders
Their latest album "Bert In Time" will blast your ears to shreds. To be released in June
Last, but not least is the latest album "Fucked Beyond Recognition" by

Swedish death/gore grinders RazorRape! Coming on limited VINYL in July!
Order the album and other stuff in our Bandcamp store!
Goregeous Productions will release the vinyl version together with Morbid Generation.

Limited Edition 300 copies total: 200x black, 100x magenta black 

Swedish death/gore grinders Toi Toi with Jocke Svensson of BIRDFLESH. WC flushing gore grind!
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We are an underground extreme music label that was founded in 2002.

Our goal is to spread quality music instead of quantity. 

We have been delivering the goods since 2002.

Coffin Creep - Corpse Defiler CD (June 2022)

Rotten puking death metal

Maggot Infested Ventriculus - Bert in Time CD (June 2022)
Slamming brutal gore grind

RazorRape - Fucked Beyond Recognition  LP (July 2022)

Available in two versions: black + magenta black

RazorRape - Deep Red deluxe edition CD (2023)

Re-press of bands first EP with bonus stuff

We are official distributor of the bands: RazorRape and Splattered Mermaids
Order and stream their releases in our Bandcamp store: